Top 10 amazingly simple ways CMS improves and enhances your Online Presence

by: Mariel DideWed, Jun 3, 2015

The good news is that people don’t have to be a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or have a degree in computer-speak to enjoy a successful business on the worldwide web. A good Content Management System (CMS) helps business owners and/or their teams manage content on their website.

Simply, the role of a CMS is to allow a web site owner or operator to update or add to an existing site that has a predetermined scheme. An administrative panel lets the user choose the task, such as updating or adding product pages in the catalog of an online retailer, add press releases for organizations, post photos and music, or a daily in-house “to-do” list with leads and sales tips for the team. Once approved, changes are published and go live. The beauty of a CMS is that it allows the addition of content without messing up the website created by those who are techy-minded.

How can a CMS enhance your Online Presence?



1.    More control.

First and foremost, a CMS gives direct control over the content on your web site. Who knows your unique business better than you? You have power over how the site looks and how it represents what you do.


2.    Increased website audience

Content is like fish - it's much better when it's fresh. Search engines give higher emphasis on websites that regularly change-up their content with new and fresh subjects. Better ranking and placement on popular browsers means more hits and more interest which leads to more exposure and more business.


3.    Better communication

Using a CMS gets your business into the open. Potential customers or clients will look directly to your website for more information and ask for emailed sales and updates without worry of unwanted virus and spam in their inboxes.  


4.    Better security

Most Systems store information in a database where access control devices restrict admission for protection of your site from web attacks. Think CAPTCHA images to prove you’re human.


5.    Better teamwork

A CMS makes collaboration easy if there is more than one chef in the kitchen, so to speak. Staff can work together to create, edit, and approve anything before it gets published. This eliminates the lone wolf and fosters communication.  


6.    Better customer service

Business success is all about service, and online is no different. The CMS you choose should have a public component to allow your clients to contact you directly and avoid using personal email if they choose. Customer requests can be seen and handled more efficiently, which also reduces customer support costs.


7.    Better efficiency

Key information at the fingertips increases workplace efficiency. A CMS allows:  keeping calendars; archived web pages, blogs, articles, and press releases; an inventory log to add and edit products and their description, specification, prices and photos; the ability to enter, edit and view orders and print packing slips and invoices; and to view reports and statistics.


8.    Better time management

CMS helps you and your staff avoid information overload. Finding and tracking key information when you need it translates to time savings by avoiding fruitless searches through paperwork and files.


9.    Better record keeping and protection

A fail-safe approval structure provided by the CMS means that the business owner or manager can edit who uses the system. There are permission levels to different sections – you choose who gets to do certain tasks. The CMS also has mechanisms to ensure content is approved before going live. Just in case you need old information, CMS has archive capabilities to track who has made changes to the page as well as keeping previous versions.


10.    Cost reduction

The bottom line is that in the long run you'll save money. Publishing and advertising costs are reduced because you’ll rely more on website traffic than sending out printed brochures and other pamphlets that will likely get thrown away, especially if they are unsolicited. Advertising costs go down when your site is on page one of popular Internet browsers.


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